23 November 2017
Preventative Health Nurse

My motto is “Prevention is better than a cure” – Its so true.

"I graduated with a Degree in Nursing in 1992. After working in the wards at RNSH I went to work in Operating Theatres in St Vincents Public Hospital where I became a Clinical Nurse Specialist in Anaesthetics. During this time I worked in many specialties including the Cardiac Theatre and was involved in the Heart /Lung Transplant program. I then worked at the SAN Operating Theatres and became Nurse Unit Manager of Anaesthetics. During this time I completed a three year Masters in Biomedical Ethics and was invited to sit on the Sydney Adventist Hospital Ethics Committee. During this time...

21 November 2017
Pre Employment Medical

Top 4 Reasons to Conduct a Pre Employment Medical Health Check

  Employing the right person for a particular role is a challenging proposition for any organisation. Questions employers may ask themselves during the recruitment process are; are they fit enough for the job? Or more importantly, are they a good fit for the job? Additionally, Will they contribute towards the productivity of your organisation? Will they be an asset or a liability to your company?  Conducting a Pre Employment Medical assessment is a great way to find answers to these questions. As an employer, you may want a detailed analysis of your employees’ health status that will identify any existing...