25 September 2019

Common Foot and Lower Leg Injuries in Sports – The Role of the Podiatrist (James Teo)

Sports are vital for overall fitness. However, the extra stress on the feet from sports activities can lead to injuries ranging from minor strains and pains to fractures. Structural variations in the foot, leg or hip may function quite well in everyday life. Problems may arise when increased stresses from sporting activities are placed on them. Many of these problems may be treated or even prevented with the help of a podiatrist. Podiatrists management of sports injuries will usually involve footwear advice, simple exercises or stretches, and possibly the use of special insoles or orthotics. Treatment first involves a thorough...

19 September 2019

Breast cancer awareness

Finding breast cancer early provides the best chance of surviving the disease. Early detection It’s important for women of all ages to know what they can do to help find breast cancer early. Finding breast cancer early means there are more treatment options and the chances of survival are greatest. This page provides information about breast awareness, breast changes, risk factors and mammography screening. For information on breast cancer in men, visit Cancer Australia’s dedicated website, Breast Cancer in Men. Breast awareness Breast awareness is important for women of all ages, even if you’re having regular mammograms. You don’t need to be...