03 April 2018

What you should know about the Flu shot this year

Confused about the changes to the Flu shot this year? Dr Paddy Mosse provides some very important need to know information below. "Winter is coming and it’s time to discuss the annual flu vaccination program. This year there are several flu vaccines available from GPs and Pharmacies and it can be confusing as to which vaccine is for which patients. Here is a quick rundown of the vaccinations that are available. For more info and details regarding more complex patients, please consult the NSW Website here.  If you are over 65 then the Government are supplying the “super” vaccine, as...

09 March 2018

Who needs a medication review?

  Are you taking 5 or more medications? Manage your medications with a medication review.   Each year more than 140,000 Australians have to go to hospital with problems caused by their medication. Of these, 69% of cases could have been avoided with proper medication management.   You should have a Home Medication Review If?   You have recently spent time in hospital You take more than five medicines a day Are concerned about your medicines Are confused about your medicines Do not always remember to take your medicines.   How much does it cost?  - NOTHING   The pharmacist’s...

23 November 2017
Preventative Health Nurse

My motto is “Prevention is better than a cure” – Its so true.

"I graduated with a Degree in Nursing in 1992. After working in the wards at RNSH I went to work in Operating Theatres in St Vincents Public Hospital where I became a Clinical Nurse Specialist in Anaesthetics. During this time I worked in many specialties including the Cardiac Theatre and was involved in the Heart /Lung Transplant program. I then worked at the SAN Operating Theatres and became Nurse Unit Manager of Anaesthetics. During this time I completed a three year Masters in Biomedical Ethics and was invited to sit on the Sydney Adventist Hospital Ethics Committee. During this time...

21 November 2017
Pre Employment Medical

Top 4 Reasons to Conduct a Pre Employment Medical Health Check

  Employing the right person for a particular role is a challenging proposition for any organisation. Questions employers may ask themselves during the recruitment process are; are they fit enough for the job? Or more importantly, are they a good fit for the job? Additionally, Will they contribute towards the productivity of your organisation? Will they be an asset or a liability to your company?  Conducting a Pre Employment Medical assessment is a great way to find answers to these questions. As an employer, you may want a detailed analysis of your employees’ health status that will identify any existing...

23 October 2017
travel vaccinations in Sydney

Travel Vaccinations

Travel is a unique experience on its own, affording us the opportunity to visit family and friends, see new places, experience new cultures, and further our businesses. Australians are known to be keen travellers. Travelling, however, might expose you to certain infectious diseases even if they are rare or even eradicated in Australia. It is essential, therefore, to access available travel vaccinations in Sydney to prevent contraction of infectious diseases prevalent in countries you intend to travel to. Travel vaccinations not only help protect you from life-threatening illness, but allow you to enjoy your holiday to the full. Getting a...

14 September 2017


  Are you struggling to find parking when you come to see our doctors in Castle Hill Medical Centre?   Are you are visiting our doctors during business hours 9-5pm?   The council carpark outside Castle Mall off Terminus Street can be sometimes difficult to find available parking.   This has been extra difficult of late due to Castle Towers introducing their paid parking and additionally removing the free all day parking off showground road.   If you have an appointment with us during business hours then we recommend you allow for extra time to find a parking spot to...

10 August 2017


  ALL THE INFORMATION YOU WILL NEED TO KNOW   New Location:   Castle Hill Medical Centre has opened at our new location in Castle Mall, Level 1/ 4-16 Terminus Street, Castle Hill, NSW.       Our contact phone number will remain (02) 9634 5000     Parking and access to the new Medical Centre Parking and access to the new Medical Centre will remain relatively unchanged for patients as the move of centre will only be approx. 800metres down the road. There are several disability parking spots /mother with prams allocated parking available next to the lifts and...

05 July 2017
female GP sydney

Influenza is NOT a common cold

  What is Influenza?   Influenza is NOT just a common cold. Sometimes when people get common colds, they say, “I’ve got a touch of the flu”.  My friends, influenza does not “touch”. It slams. Within hours, you go from feeling well to feeling like you have been hit by a truck. Influenza is a highly contagious virus which causes severe and potentially life threatening respiratory tract infections.   In Australia, it causes around 18,000 hospitalisations and 3,500 deaths each year. Fortunately, adults are only hammered by influenza about once every 5 years, compared to common colds which average up to...

09 June 2017

Difficulty Sleeping? Why “Sleep Hygiene” is important

  Sleeping Difficulties   Difficulty getting to sleep, or broken sleep, affects thousands of us every day. There can be many causes – from barking dogs and partners snoring to problems with mood or even thyroid disorders. The term “Sleep Hygiene” refers to the habits that help you have a good night’s sleep. Whilst some causes of poor sleep may need help from your GP, many of them can be addressed by small changes to your lifestyle and approach to bedding down every night.   Listen to your body clock: The body’s sleep wake-cycle, or circadian rhythm, is determined by...

03 May 2017
After Hours Doctor Castle Hill

Increased GPs available after hours

  After Hours Doctor in Castle Hill   If you are long for an after hours doctor in Castle Hill, Baulkham Hills, Kellyville or the Hills district then from Monday the 8th May 2017 Castle Hill Medical Centre will provide better access to after hours GP services. Our after hours care will include an increased level of GPs available for later appointments, providing patients with greater access to after hours healthcare.   We will now accept bookings for after hours doctor appointments in addition to walk ins, where in the past appointments were via walk in only.   Our Medical...