Changes to online booking


We are changing our online booking system to HotDoc!


click the button blow to make an appointment:


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Are you a Health Engine user?


Do you book your appointments with us through the Health Engine website?


You will still be able to do so until the 1st September. After this time, if you search for Castle Hill Medical Centre on the Health Engine website, you will only be able to view our address and contact number but will be unable to book an appointment.


Do you book your appointments with us through the Health Engine app?


If you use the Health Engine app to make your appointment with Castle Hill Medical Centre then you can continue to do so and these changes won’t affect you.



Do you use Appointuit to make an appointment?


If you prefer to book your Castle Hill Medical Centre appointments through the Appointuit tab on our website or through the Appointuit APP then you can continue to do so and these changes won’t affect you.


If you currently use Appointuit but don’t feel that it is the most effective online booking system for you then you are welcome to make appointments via the user friendly online booking system HotDoc.

Click here to make an appointment with appointuit:





Why HotDoc?


HotDoc is a simple online booking system that will allow you to easily sign up and log in, add family members to your account, update personal information and view your appointment history with ease!


Sign up is a simple and quick process. Once you log in and select a doctor from our list, this will automatically save this doctor as a preferred favourite so it will appear first next time you log in to make an appointment! This will save you time from having to scroll through and find your favourite doctor. If you wish to select a new doctor, then you can easily select this option also.


The process is simple!


Sign up, select the doctor you wish to have your appointment with and once you confirm the appointment you will be sent a sms with the details of your appointment as a confirmation that we have booked you in.



Online bookings you can trust.


  • Patient data is fully secure, private and never shared with 3rd parties.
  • HotDoc do not engage in 3rd party advertising of any kind.


How to make a booking through HotDoc?


Visit our website and click the Book Now button or the contact us botton. Not sure what doctor is best for you? Visit our website and select “Meet the team”


Click on the “read more” button to view the doctor’s profile. This will provide a photo of the doctor, their qualifications and some areas of special interests. If you wish to make your appointment with this doctor then select the book now button located at the end of their profile and this will direct you to the HotDoc booking page specifically for the selected doctor! EASY!



If you like HotDoc then simply download their APP for easy online bookings for Castle Hill Medical Centre.

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