Corporate Physiotherapy Services

Musculoskeletal Screens

What is it?
A musculoskeletal screen is a physical assessment of a prospective employee’s capacity to perform the physical tasks demanded by the role and can be combined with a comprehensive pre-employment medical if required.

These are completed by our highly qualified physiotherapists who conduct a series of tests designed to mirror the physical requirements related to the industry/job that the candidate is applying for. Following this, a comprehensive report is created detailing all assessment results and recommendations.

Our Category B musculoskeletal assessment includes:

  • Range of movement
  • Strength (Upper/lower limb and core)
  • Functional activities
  • Safe lifting practices

Our Category A includes an additional:


  • Cardiovascular fitness bike test

Why is it important?


  • Systematic risk management strategy in preventing workplace injury
  • Improved productivity of workers through reduced turnover and time lost from injury/illness
  • Reduction in costs from worker’s compensation premiums and rehiring
  • Higher corporate reputation through increased transparency, quality and retention of workers.

Safe lifting tips!


  • Warm up and stretch
  • Plan your route
  • Use equipment if available
  • Keep object close to your body
  • Keep a wide stance when lifting
  • Avoid bending and twisting your back
  • Ask for help or make multiple trips



A total of 106260 serious claims were made in 2016-17 with the median time from work lost being 5.6 weeks. The median compensation paid for claims was $11, 500 per claim.

A study showed that for every $1 spent on prework screens/injury prevention, more than $6 was saved.


“Most injured workers take little or no time off work. For those that do, the vast majority (more than 80 per cent) return to work and recover at work within the first 13 weeks” – NSW State Insurer Regulatory Authority

About 69% of serious claims were musculoskeletal injuries in 2016-17 (over 72, 010 claims)


Allied health professionals have an important role in workers compensation. At Castle Hill Medical Centre, all our physiotherapists are Work Cover Accredited (SIRA approved) where they have a wealth of experience in treating patients both under Workers Compensation and CTP Schemes.

Our physiotherapists aim to utilise evidence-based treatments to maximise recovery and to help injured workers overcome barriers to return to work. This is conducted in liaison with the support team (nominated treating doctor and the insurer case manager) to ensure holistic safe, timely and sustainable return to work.

Physiotherapy services include:

  • Assessment, diagnosis and treatment of specific injuries
  • Manual handling retraining
  • Personalised rehabilitation exercise programs
  • Return to work assessment and reports
  • Injury prevention programs

Most common workers claim injuries:

  • Back and Neck pain- 31%
  • Upper limb injuries- 25%
  • Lower limb injuries- 24%

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