Cosmetic Pricing



A consultation to discuss whether cosmetic injectables is appropriate for you is free, even if you decide not to proceed with Dr Joshi.


If you do decide to proceed, you will have an opportunity for Dr Joshi to answer any questions you may have, assess your personal facial anatomy to give you an idea as to number of units required and cost.


There are many advertisements around claiming injections from as low as $3-6/unit. This is misleading. In reality, while products have their pros and cons, the ratio of units required if using type A to type B for the same area can be as high as 3:1. That is 1 unit of one brand is similar to 3 units of the second to achieve similar effects as far as strength and duration of relaxation is concerned.


As an example, on average, a female brow needs between 15-20 units of the product/toxin.


So using type A we would need 3 X 15 units @ $4/unit= $180 And using type B we would need 1x 15 units @ $12/unit= $180


We charge $12/unit for all anti-wrinkle injections.



How much anti-wrinkle product will I need?


As a guide, a female face usually needs between 15-20 units to the frown lines; 5-10 units to the forehead and 6-12 units to the crow’s feet. A male face will typically need 50% more units. At consultation, Dr Joshi will assess your individual facial anatomy and discuss options and costs specific to you, obligation free.