Executive health assessments

Do you have executives or key people in your organisation who are at the heart of your business? If they became seriously sick, would your business suffer as well?


We can help employees crucial to your business achieve their health goals by optimising their wellbeing, improving their productivity through a comprehensive health assessment and targeted lifestyle interventions.


An executive Health assessment will help Identify any health risks before they become a problem.


It is in your company’s interest to keep your key people in top shape!


Our executive medicals aim to give your important personnel preventative measures to identify health risks and flag potential problems so that they can be appropriately addressed.


Castle Hill Medical Centre offers a full Executive Health check – up which will takes 2 and a half hours to complete and includes a stress test.


A 19 page booklet is used to record all results and recommendations. This booklet also has tips and tricks to help maintain optimum fitness and is for the employee to take home and keep.



An Executive Health Assessment includes:


  • Complete and thorough physical examination and consultation with a medical practitioner
  • Personal Health , recreational medications history incorporating completed questionnaire
  • Stress Profile & dietary/nutritional Profile
  • Height & Weight measurements and BMI calculations
  • Blood Pressure testing
  • Stress Test (including pre-test spirometry
  • Cardiovascular fitness check up
  • Comprehensive full blood count (anaemia)
  • Urine analysis (regarding presence of blood, glucose white cells/infections)
  • Faecal Occult blood test (stool test, Screening for Bowel Cancer for men over 45)
  • Prostate Health check
  • Analysis of the major heart disease risk factors contributing to heart disease
  • Heart Risk Assessment
  • Kidney function assessment to assist in the early diagnosis of renal Impairment


GP examination will include:

  • Cardo-vascular, Respiratory, Gastro-intestinal, Genito-urinary, Musculoskeletal         central nervous systems
  • Ear, nose, throat, joints, limbs, vision
  • Skin problems


Optional extras


  • Chest xray
  • Bone Density scan (referral required)
  • Pap test if indicated (women)
  • Breast checks and mammograms if indicated (women)
  • Additional blood tests (Hepatitis, HIV< genetic testing/markers)
  • Consultation with GP for Weight Management

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