Are you struggling to find parking when you come to see

our doctors in Castle Hill Medical Centre?


Are you are visiting our doctors during business hours 9-5pm?


The council carpark outside Castle Mall off Terminus Street can be sometimes difficult to find available parking.


This has been extra difficult of late due to Castle Towers introducing their paid parking and additionally removing the free all day parking off showground road.


If you have an appointment with us during business hours then we recommend you allow for extra time to find a parking spot to ensure that you don’t miss your appointment.



The best place for parking is in PURPLE Carpark in Castle Towers. This will allow for 3 hours of FREE parking. PURPLE car park provides easy lift and ramp access into Castle Mall on our level. You can find all the information you need to know about parking in Castle Towers here. 


Patient drop off and wheelchair assistance:

The recommended drop off zone for patients is the underground parking at Castle Mall. If you enter the carpark and follow the arrows clockwise then you will be able to drop off patients right out the front of the lifts and ramps which will provide the most direct access to our Medical Centre. We are located on Level 1.

IF YOU REQUIRE WHEELCHAIR ASSISTANCE then please contact the centre on (02) 9634 5000 when you arrive at the drop off zone. There are seats available for your convenience while we arrange for one of our friendly staff members to come and collect you.

PLEASE NOTE: If you require wheelchair assistance then please notify the  staff member what level in Castle Mall carpark you are waiting on. We will only be able to collect patients who are waiting at the drop off zones located outside of the lifts and ramps.