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I-MED Radiology, have a vision: to be the most respected and trusted medical imaging specialists in the world. Their network of more than 250 clinics around Australia delivers high quality and expert care, working together with referrers, hospitals and clinicians to provide the best health outcomes for patients. Each year across Australia they perform more than 4.6 million patient procedures, with more than 300 radiologists in the team supported by 3,000 staff nation-wide. Knowledge and expertise is shared throughout the network, enabling complex cases to receive second opinions without delay. I-MED combines the most up-to-date radiology equipment and sophisticated technology with a culture that puts the patient at the centre of everything we do.

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What is a Radiologist?

A Radiologist is a medical specialist who has completed more than 12 years of training including dedicated post medical school training in diagnostic radiology. All Australian radiologists are credentialed by The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists. They are responsible for interpreting diagnostic images of patients for medical diagnostic purposes.

Many I-MED radiologists have also completed additional specialist fellowship training in their chosen areas of interest and are recognised locally, nationally and internationally as experts in their chosen field. Their radiologists are all involved in continuing medical education and many have been invited to lecture at local, national and international medical conferences.

I-MED’s radiologists understand when an imaging test may help answer a question about a symptom, disease, injury or treatment – and also when imaging is unlikely to be helpful. If a test is needed, they will know what kind (and if it’s multiple tests, the order in which they should be done to get the best result). In responding to requests for tests or interventional treatments, a radiologist will consider different options and the risks and benefits, before determining the best course of action.

Radiologists communicate the results of diagnostic and interventional imaging in a written report sent to your referring doctor, and sometimes also by phone. By working in this way, as part of a clinical team, their radiologists are active participants in bringing about better health outcomes for patients.
Each I-MED Radiology practice is led by a managing radiologist, who oversees the clinical affairs and clinical decision-making of the clinic to ensure that service delivery is tailored to the local needs of referring medical practitioners and patients.

World class technology

As medical imaging continues to undergo rapid change, I_MED pride themselves on being at the forefront in all areas, and in particular technology. They are committed to implementing the latest in digital radiology technology across their entire network and leveraging the benefits this brings to their referring doctors, patients and staff.

General and dental X-ray

X-rays are a quick and efficient modality for assessing fractures, the lungs, cardiac contour, and seeing soft tissue calcification. Our clinics offer state-of-the-art digital general X-ray and dental imaging. I-MED’s  expert technicians also use X-ray as an accurate method for assessing breast cancer (mammography), and in barium studies of the gastrointestinal tract.

At I-MED Radiology, patients are at the centre of everything we do. Treating patients with care and compassion is not only key to delivering an excellent patient experience, it is a cornerstone of our values.

Feeling nervous?

We understand that many patients can feel anxious or nervous prior to their radiology examination. To help prepare for our examination, patients can read up on their procedure here. Should patients have any additional questions, they can contact I-MED’s customer care team via email here or speak to one of their reception staff on the day of their examination.

Contact us – For patients

At I-MED, the aim is deliver an excellent service experience to every patient, every time. Your feedback helps create a better experience for all patients and we encourage patients to share their I-MED experience with them.

Patients can contact them by:

• Submitting your feedback online via their Feedback page
• Completing a patient survey on their website
• Completing a patient survey in the clinic following your examination. These forms are available at reception and can be returned by ‘reply-paid’ post or handed in to the clinic.
• Sending an email


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