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Chronic disease affects the quality of life of many Australians and can lead to disability or even an early death. Leading causes include but not restricted to, Cardiovascular disease, Respiratory disease, Diabetes, Autoimmune diseases, Strokes and Cognitive impairment.


Do you have one of the following?


• Cardiovascular Disease
• Diabetes
• Arthristis
• Suffered from a Stroke
• Memory Loss
• Parkinsons Disease



We have a preventative Health Team to help you manage this.


Castle Hill Medical Centre has a dedicated Preventative Heath Team who conduct health assessments (bulk billed) and can organise Team Care Arrangements for you with Allied Health Professionals that will assist you in managing your Chronic Disease.


The appointment to organise the referral is bulk billed and the Allied Health professional appointments will be subsidised by Medicare. Our Preventative Health Team also provide basic Diabetic education and support to patients that are also bulk billed.




Preventative Health Management aims to:


• Improve access to quality, integrated Allied Health care providers
• Manage health and wellbeing
• Reduce unplanned hospital admissions
• Improve general quality of life and ability to do the normal activities of daily living



Why Preventative Health?


We understand what you are going through with your condition sometimes you need someone who really listens and provides support


• We aim to ensure your chronic condition doesnt impact on your quality of life
• We help manage your cndition to keep you oout of hospital!
• We have a network of specialists specific to your condition who can help
• You’re not alone! We have the time and dedicated team to help



You should discuss with your Doctor whether a Chronic Disease management Plan would benefit your ongoing health and wellbeing. Your Doctor can arrange an appointment for you with the Preventative Health Team.


If you are unsure of whether you are eligible for these services or have questions related to Preventative Health and how it can benefit your Chronic Disease then please contact our Preventative Health Nurse, Cathy Hufton on 9634 5000.


Book an appointment with one of our Doctors today to discuss if you are eligible.

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HELP is a nurse led clinic with regular GP visits designed to incorporate a healthy diet and exercise education by focusing on a holistic and individually customised program for each patient participating.

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