Non-Opiate Treatment Program (Natural Medicine)

At CHMC, we offer access to non-opiate treatment (natural medicine) for those in need. If you are dealing with a chronic condition and looking for alternative treatments to alleviate symptoms and pain in consultation with your regular GP, CHMC may be able to assist you.

Our approach integrates non-opiate medical solutions tailored to your specific health needs, ensuring a holistic and personalised care plan.

We understand the challenges of managing chronic conditions and strive to provide effective, natural treatment options that complement your existing medical regimen.

Consult with GPs at CHMC to explore how non-opiate treatment can support your journey towards better health and improved quality of life.

*Note: The use of prescribed non-opiate treatment should be discussed with an informed health professional. Not everyone is suitable for a non-opiate treatment (natural medicine), so proper guidance and supervision are essential. The treatment plan should be tailored to each patient’s unique needs.

Your Healthcare Providers

  • Dr Mosse is a Specialist General Practitioner and Authorised Prescriber of Non-Opiate Treatment (Natural Medicine).
  • He treats medical conditions including anxiety and depression, mood disorders, and pain.

*Note: Please ensure that you make an initial consultation with Dr Mosse via the website or telephone. The appointment type is “GP Prescribed Non-Opiate Treatment (Natural Medicine)– 30mins” 

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  • Dr Mir is a General Practitioner and Pain Management Specialist. He specialises in the treatment of chronic pain through prescribed natural medicine, virtual reality therapy, and opioid dependence treatment programs.
  • He is also a certified Focused Psychology Skills (FPS) Provider and received a certificate of Clinical Hypnosis in 2019.
  • Fees Information:
    • Initial consult for chronic pain patient is $400.00. Rebate ($143.00)
    • Follow-up consult is $220.00.

*All new patients to Dr Mir will require a GP referral before booking an appointment.

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You need to schedule a follow-up consultation with the same doctor from your initial appointment.

  • Comprehensive assessment: Medical centres provide thorough in-person evaluations, allowing your healthcare provider to conduct detailed physical examinations and gather comprehensive medical histories for accurate diagnosis and treatment planning.
  • Personalised Treatment Plan: In-person consultation enables healthcare professionals to tailor treatment plans specific to your needs, considering your medical conditions, history, and preferences.
  • Hands-On monitoring: Medical centres offer direct supervision and monitoring of the patient’s progress and response to prescribed natural medicine, facilitating timely adjustments to the treatment plan if required.
  • Physical examinations: Your doctor can assess physical symptoms and potential side effects more accurately through in-person visits, leading to better-informed decisions about dosages and treatment adjustments.
  • Immediate Interaction: Patients can engage in real-time discussions (if required), ask questions, and receive immediate feedback from healthcare providers during their appointments.

You should consider seeing a pain specialist, such as Dr Mir, if your pain condition is complex, persistent, or not adequately responding to treatments provided by your GP.

Here are some scenarios where seeking advice from a pain specialist could be beneficial:

  • Chronic pain lasting weeks or months, affecting your quality of life
  • Unresponsive to previous treatments
  • Unclear or conflicting diagnosis
  • Requiring specialised procedures (e.g. nerve blocks)
  • Long-term medication management or concerns about side effects
  • Complex conditions e.g. neuropathic pain or fibromyalgia
  • Coordinated multidisciplinary care with other specialists
  • Persistent post-surgical pain
  • Referral from your primary care provider

Complex underlying conditions for chronic pain refer to medical circumstances or scenarios that involve multifaceted and demanding elements contributing to the development, maintenance, or aggravation of pain.

These conditions can complicate the diagnosis, treatment, and management of pain, often requiring specialised expertise and a thorough, collaborative approach to address all aspects of the pain encounter.