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Influenza, or flu, is a highly contagious respiratory illness caused by influenza viruses.


Influenza is a vaccine-preventable illness but a new vaccine needs to be given each year because influenza viruses change (mutate) constantly. A new influenza vaccine is prepared each year to best match the strains predicted for the coming influenza season.


A vaccination each year also optimises your antibody levels to protect you from influenza.


Influenza can impact on your business by a decrease in productivity as well as an increase in absenteeism by your employees.





Vaccinating from April allows individuals to develop immunity before transmission of influenza is usually at its highest.


Most individuals will have developed immunity within two to three weeks of vaccination. As influenza usually occurs from June, with the peak usually falling around August.



Benefits of offering flu vaccinations




Influenza thrives in workplace environments infecting around 1 in 4 people each winter.


Once infected, a contagious employee may have up to 3 days before symptoms appear, giving the virus opportunity to be passed to colleagues, customers and family members through normal everyday  contact.


Absence from work due to the flu generally last for around 3-5 days, but an employee’s productivity can be affected for up to two weeks whilst they fully recover.


Castle Hill Medical Centre offers on-site flu vaccinations for your business. We have qualified nurses who can conduct vaccinations at your workplace quickly and efficiently to ensure your staff are well covered for the flu season.

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