Injuries at work are something that all employees and employers fear.

Even the simplest of injuries can cause lost time and productivity for business. In some industries serious claims have grown by 80% year on year with over 2% of staff affected. This level of lost productivity has an immediate impact on profitability as well as being reflected in WorkCover premiums. Fortunately injuries that involve death or permanent disability are less common but must also be considered when planning employee risk.

One of the ways of helping avoid injuries at work is insuring that the right person is employed for the right job. A comprehensive Pre-employment medical potentially helps mitigate the risks to business by ensuring new employees are fit for the role.

Castle Hill Medical Centre offers a large range of services to help employers when selecting employees, insuring workplace health and safety needs are met.
Instant Drug and Alcohol testing is available onsite both for pre-employment and random tests, all adhering to the strict Australian Standards. The practice also offer a broad range of pre-employment assessments from basic medicals to comprehensive review. Our modern facilities incorporate Spirometry, Stress test monitoring, Audiology, pathology and X-ray, all under one roof. The experienced corporate services team can book appointments at convenient times, allowing the whole medical to be managed in a single appointment.

Should an employee become injured, Castle Hill Medical Centre is the leading location in The Hills for injury management. The Specialist General Practitioners are able to see injured workers quickly, often able to treat problems without involving lengthy waits in Emergency Departments. We have instant access to X-ray on site and direct booking to the practice physiotherapist if required. A further benefit is that the GPs are familiar with the complex issues that surround WorkCover and Insurance Companies and will liaise with the employer to help find suitable duties for the injured worker, where possible.

Castle Hill Medical Centre prides itself in being a single solution for all your employment health needs.