Get your injuries treated without the wait

Our Sports and Injury Clinic was established in 2016 to offer our community dedicated acute treatment and rehabilitation guidance for athletes and individuals recuperating from injuries sustained at work, home, or during sports activities.

Despite our efforts to prevent accidents, unforeseen circumstances sometimes lead to injuries. In such situations, we recognise the importance of prompt and effective treatment provided by professionals within a reasonable timeframe.

At CHMC Sports and Injury Clinic, we take pride in our track record of meeting these expectations for over seven years.Your Emergency GPs, after-hours GPs, and multidisciplinary team treat a wide range of injuries during opening hours with no appointment required*.

*Note: The walk-in/emergency appointments are on a first come first served basis, hence, please inform our team at the reception desk in the event of a life, limb, or eye-threatening injury to prioritise your care.

How does it work?

initial consultant

Walk in Appointment

Please call in advance (02 9634 5000) with an Estimated Arrival Time,if possible


Initial Consultant (2)

Initial Consult


X - Ray if required

X-ray, if required

can be performed onsite during XR opening hours


Diagnosis & Treatment

Diagnosis and treatment

specialist referral if required


Specialist referral if required

Review, if required


Injuries we treat

Sports & Injury Services

SPORTS related injuries

Sports injuries not only occur from high-contact sports such as football and soccer but also from low-impact exercises such as cycling. Treatment depends on the type and severity of the injury.

HOME related injuries

Common home-related injuries include cuts and fractures from slips and falls.

WORK related injuries

Work-related injuries require you to seek treatment as soon as possible. We have a team of WorkCover Doctors who can manage the injury in addition to treating them.

What are the benefits of visiting us?

The Sports & Injury Clinic is led by Dr Armand Edison, who has extensive experience in treating minor trauma, and performing emergency procedures as required. He can also conduct recreational and occupational diving medical exams, as well as other specialised medical assessments.

The team’s profound expertise and up-to-date knowledge in the field is not limited to medical facts, but also connection with a trusted network of local specialists who can assist you to achieve the best outcomes-That’s right, it’s the circle of trust.

Benefits include:

  • Our substantial experience in minor trauma management.
  • X-ray and Imaging services available 7 days (Please see our X-ray opening hours below) .
  • No appointments required – walk-ins welcome.
  • Some gap fees will apply, Medicare rebates are applicable.
  • Safe and more secure environment compared to the ER.
  • When tertiary care is necessary, a referral to a surgeon or hospital is organised for you to expedite your waiting time at the ED.

Bypass the emergency room and access fast, expert medical care.

Meet the team

Dr Armand Edison

Dr Armand Edison

Dr Jason Yu Zhou

Dr Jason Yu Zhou

Dr Kenneth Lee

Dr Kenneth Lee

Delivering on Trust

Based on historical records*, we have successfully treated the following conditions:

  • Fractures (broken bone) in arm/ legs/ torso (e.g. wrist/ elbow/ clavicle/ ribs/ spine/ hip/ knee/ ankle/ foot).
  • Hand injuries (e.g. phalangeal/ Metacarpal fractures/ trigger fingers).
  • Shoulder/ elbow/ finger/ toe dislocations.
  • Acute knee (e.g. suspected meniscal tear/ ACL tear), ankle (e.g. ATFL tear) and wrist (e.g. TFCC) injuries.
  • Mild head injury including concussion.
  • Whiplash injury from motor vehicle accident.
  • Foreign bodies embedded in foot/ under the skin/ eyelid.
  • Laceration repair.
  • Skin tear repair (for elderlies).
  • Animal/ human/ insect bites.
  • Minor burn wounds.

*Note: This list is not exhaustive.

Other services

We also offer:

  • Medical clearance for participating in sports activities after injuries.
  • Combat Sports Medical Clearance.
  • Cardiac Risk Assessment before participating in high-risk sports activities (Interested in Antarctic exploration/Space X?).

Onsite X-ray service (Provided by i-Med Radiology)

Opening Hours

Mondays-Fridays  8.30am to 5pm
Saturdays             10am to 2pm
Sundays               10am to 12pm

Onsite Physiotherapy Services

Access the healthcare services you require right here in the Castle Hill precinct.

Experience the expertise of our physiotherapy team, specialising in sports injury rehabilitation. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or a casual participant, we deliver personalised therapies aimed at restoring your optimal performance level. From minor sprains to post-surgery recovery, we’re here to support your journey to recovery and keep you actively engaged in your sport.

Book an appointment with Peter Ho or Pooja Solanki today.

Each ankle is unique, and every case presents its own set of challenges. Our extensive experience tells us what works and what doesn’t. If clinically indicated, your doctor will refer you to local emergency facilities or relevant specialists for further assistance.

We would consider it probably more appropriate to visit the nearest ED if any of the following conditions* apply:

  • Immediately or shortly after a high-speed motor vehicle accident with person(s) with significant injuries requiring Emergency treatment from the same vehicle.
  • Trauma during pregnancy.
  • Significant amount of bleeding or bleeding which cannot be controlled with firm compression on wound and elevation.
  • Head +/- neck injuries from a high- energy mechanism, for example falling from above 1.5m.
  • Head injury if you are on blood thinners.
  • Head injury with prolonged loss of consciousness/ repeated vomiting/ inability to move part of body/ talk afterward.
  • Suspicion of skull fracture.
  • Eye injury such as penetrating injury into the globe.
  • Dental avulsion (adult teeth got out of the teeth socket).
  • Penetrating injury to face/ neck.
  • Difficulty breathing after injury to head/ neck/ chest.
  • Suspected broken bones with open wounds in adjacent skin, or bone are visible outside skin.
  • Reduced blood flow or sensation in affected limb after injury.
  • Trauma with open wounds with high risk of contamination.
  • Person with significant medical comorbidities.
  • Person with unstable mental condition post trauma.
  • Children who require a procedure (e.g. laceration repair) that can be best performed under light sedation or anesthetics.

*Please note that this list is not exhaustive, and the remarks are general comments. Individual circumstances may vary.

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