Are you or your loved one experiencing
opioid dependence?

Opioid dependence causes health, legal and relationship problems, and it’s dangerous. Everyday in Australia, nearly 150 hospitalisations and 14 emergency department (ED) presentations involve opioid harm, and three people die from drug-induced deaths involving opioid use*.

Chronic pain and mental health conditions are often the catalyst for opioid misuse and dependence. You can find appropriate and ongoing relief with our expert team at Castle Hill Medical Centre.

The problem with opioid dependence

Opioids have a high risk of addiction, and over time you may need larger doses to feel the same effects. Addiction is a chronic brain disease which impacts your health and how your brain works, right down to your thoughts and feelings. People often only seek treatment in a crisis without understanding how difficult withdrawal can be.

Opioid Dependence Treatment Program

The personalised treatment programs combine medication and behavioural intervention to achieve the best outcomes. Your expert healthcare practitioners exist to guide you through the psychological and social challenges, so you can overcome the compulsion and cravings to enjoy an addiction-free lifestyle.

Opioid Treatment Program Goals

At CHMC, your doctor – Dr Adam Mir – seeks to provide each patient with personalised treatment programs designed for their unique needs, including:

  • Helping patients reduce harm of non-medical use of opioids

  •  Helping patients become and stay addiction-free, assisting to improve their mental health

  • Improving the physical and mental health of our patients

Begin treatment for your opioid dependence today. Book an appointment with Dr Mir online or call 9634 5000.

Fees Information 

Initial consult for Opioid Treatment is $400.00. Rebate ($143.00)
Follow-up consult is $220.00 for Opioid Treatment Program. Rebate ($71.00).

*All new patients will require a GP referral prior to appointment booking.

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About Dr Adam Mir

Dr Adam Mir is a General Practitioner at Castle Hill Medical Centre and worked as Pain Medicine Fellow at Liverpool, Nepean and The Children’s Hospital, Westmead. He specialises in the treatment of chronic pain through Medical Cannabis, Virtual Reality Therapy and Opioid Dependence Treatment Programs.

He is also a certified Focused Psychological Skills (FPS) Provider and received a certificate of Clinical Hypnosis in 2019.